Steel pipes or tubes made by roll forming machines have a variety of industrial applications, like rainwater downpipes, electric conduits or wiring ducting pipes and octangon tubes etc.

MAXON® has been always developing roll forming machines for producing various steel pipes from galvanized steel, pre-painted steel or Aluminum, and the most common pipe machines are like rainwater downspout roll forming machines, Oval pipe roll forming machines, octangon pipe roll forming machines etc.

Downspout Roll forming Machine & Elbow Machine

A downspout roll forming machine, known as rainwater downpipe rollforming machine as well, has been designed for making square or round (circle or rectangular) rainwater pipes.

Oval Pipe Roll Forming Machine

This oval pipe roll forming machine is technically capable to manufacture steel pipes in oval shape continuously as per fixed cutting lengths, and the pipes produced from galvanised steel are applied as electric conduits.

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