This roof truss roll forming machine has been designed for automatic and simple production of hat shaped purlins on roof top, and it’s called top hat purlin roll forming machine as well.

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Roof Truss Roll Forming Machine

Roof truss roll forming machine got its name according to function (it has another name roof batten roll forming machine based on function), and according the shape of the end products, it’s given the name top hat purlin roll forming machine also. One roof truss roll forming machine usually can produce only one top hat purlins or roof battens (it’s technically capable to produce more than two different profiles on the same machine and this machine is called two-in-one cold roll former).

A complete roof truss roll forming machine or top hat purlin roll forming machine consists of decoiler, feeding unit, main forming machine, cutting unit, transmission unit, hydraulic unit, computer control system and output tables. It’s quite easy and simple to operate this cold roll forming machine throught the computer control system, and it can be running both automatically and manually.

Technical Specifications of this Roof Truss Roll Forming Machine or Top Hat Purlin Roll Forming Machine:

  • Decoiler: Un-powered, Manual one
    Max. feeding width: 300mm
    Coil ID range 470mm±30mm
    Capacity: Max. 3Ton
  • Cold Roll Forming Machine:
    Material of structure: welded with 36# H Beam steel
    Wall plate thickness:18mm
    Material of Rollers: 45# high optimal steel, CNC lathing, and coated with hard chrome
    Shafts Diameter=ф70mm
    Roll forming stations: 12 stations
    Transmission: By chain-sprockets
    Main Power=4KW , Frequency speed control
    Forming speed approx.0-12m/min
  • Hydraulic Cutting device: Cutter frame made from high quality 25mm steel plate by welding
    Post cut, stop to cutting
    Pump motor: 3KW
    Cutting pressure:Max.12Mpa
    Cutting tool material: Cr12, Heat treatment
  • Control System: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, Omron encoder, HMI;
    Control the quantity and cutting length automatically
    Combined with: PLC, Inverter, Touch Screen, Encoder, etc
    Cut-to-length tolerance≤±2 mm
  • Output table: Un-powered racks

Shall you have any interest in this machine, please leave a message.

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