There are a varitey of lightweight or light gague steel frame roll forming machines for the production of sorts of metal building materials for lightweight or light guage steel building projects.

The most widely used lightweight or light gauge steel frame roll forming machines that can be found in the markets are like, metal stud and track roll forming machine, roof truss roll forming machine, top roof hat purlin roll forming mahine, roof and ceiling batten roll forming machine, and furring and hat channel roll forming machine etc as listed below.

Metal Stud Furring Channel Roll Forming Machine

The metal stud furring channel roll forming machine has been designed for the manufacturing of hat shaped furring channels used to build lightweight or light gauge steel buildings.

Steel Battens


A roll former that manufactures steel roofing and ceiling battens (typically HAT shaped purlins) is known as roof batten roll forming machine or ceiling batten roll forming machine.

Roof Truss Roll Forming Machine for Top Hat Purlins

This roof truss roll forming machine has been designed for automatic and simple production of hat shaped purlins on roof top, and it’s called top hat purlin roll forming machine as well.

Double or Twin Rows Roll Forming Machine

A twin-rows roll forming machine, known as two-in-one roll forming machine also, includes two roll forming parts for making two different steel products, like roof furring channels, stud and tracks etc.

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