A width adjustable roll forming machine is always needed for producing metal sheets or steel section channels with variable widths, sometimes with rafted structure or embosser equipped.

A width adjustable roll forming machine offers clients better options because it’s technically available to make metal sheets or roll formed steel products with different widths on one machine and eliminate the needs for different roll formers as long as the dimensions of the profiles remain the same. And also with different rafter technologies and embosser applied, even different profile or the same profile with different dimensions can be made on the same width adjustable roll forming machine as well.

Brief Description of Width Adjustable Roll Forming Machine:

A width adjustable roll forming machine usually have basic components like decoiler, feeding guide, entrance or pre-cutter, roll forming unit, control unit and run-out tables, and also some optional device like embosser, and auto stacker etc.

metal sheet roll forming machineThe width adjustable roll forming machine has been designed to roll form both edges of sheet panels,  with one side of roll former fixed and the other side laterally-movable to suit for various widths of sheet panel (Sometimes both sides can be movable, for example a Quick-change C/Z steel purlin roll forming machine). Extensively use in the productions of office furniture, steel shelving system, cold storage panels and many industries applications.

On a width adjustable roll forming machine, different rollforming designs can be applied, like CASSETTES, RAFTED, and EMBOSSER etc.

Rafted Type Roll Forming Machine

To make different profiles with different widths as many as possible, we can use cassette type (what is a cassette type roll forming machine?) width adjustable roll forming machine with RAFTED structure. A rafted structure roll former, as its name indicates, has been built like a raft; the center of shafts has been mounted on the house, with rolling tools mounted on each end of the shafts, and each side rolling tool can roll form a different profile. With the change of different cassettes, different profiles can be produced, and with width adjustable designs, different widths for different profiles are available.

An EMBOSSER is usually equipped at the entrance of roll former to add patterns on the surface of metal sheets and the embossed metal sheets most of time are applied as the wall panels. To change different embossing rolls, different pattens can be made on the metal sheets.

Technical Parameters of Width Adjustable Roll Forming Machine:

Material Widthsubject to final requests
The thickness of Coilsubject to final requests
Structure of the custom profile roll forming machineOne-side movable; Two-sides movable; Rafted; Cassettes;
Forming speed0-12m/min
Forming steps14-22 stations
Bracketwelded with 36 # H-steel
Material of Shafts45# steel
Diameter of Shafts70mm
Material of Rollerhigh quality 45#steel with tempering treatment and surface coated with hard chrome 0.05mm.
Thickness of Siding Plate18mm
TransmissionBy 1.0” chains-brackets
Motor Power5.5 KW
Adjusting Motor for Width1.5KW
ControlPLC Control Box

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