This elevator guide rail roll forming machine has passed the running test and is running for production now. The raw materials this machine handles with is stainless steel strips of 3mm thickness.

elevator guide rails

Guide rails are part of the inner workings of most elevator and lift shafts, functioning as the vertical, internal track. Generally, traction elevators use two sets of guide rails which are fixed to two sides of the shaft; one guides the elevator car and the other for the counterweight.

Large parts of guide rails in the markets are produced from hot-rolled raw materials. However, in some occassions, harder materials are necessary, like stainless steel. guide rails and then processed to meet customer specifications.

There are different kinds of machinery for producing different types of elevator guide rails, and metal roll forming machine is one of them.  As we know, roll forming equipment can do great jobs for varied of applications (see more about ROLL FORMING APPLICATIONS) for its advantages over other metal fabrication equipment (see article METAL SHEET ROLL FORMING MACHINE IS EFFICIENT AND RESULT ORIENTED).

Brief Introduction of Elevator Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine:

stainless steel elevator guide rail roll forming machine

This elevator guide rail roll forming machine produces elevator guide rails, according to requests, from 3mm thick stainless steel.  To get perfect stainless steel guide rails, MAXON® applies integral forming stands structure and gear boxes transmission. Besides, the diameter of shafts has reached 90mm and the motor power has reached 30KW.

The whole roll forming line includes:

  • Manual decoiler
  • Feeding unit
  • Levelling unit
  • Roll forming unit
  • Straightening unit
  • Cutting unit
  • Tranmission unit
  • Control unit.

Under the PLC control, this roll forming line makes elevator guide rails fully automatically with manual operation available also. Clients input required lengths and quantities accordingly through the touch screen, and the machine takes cares of others.

Technical Specifications of Elevator Guide Rail Roll Forming Machine:

elevator guide rail roll forming machine
  • Manual decoiler: Manual De-coiler
  • Loading Weight: 10 Max.
  • Inner diameter of coil: Φ508mm.
  • Maximum diameter of coil: Φ1500mm
  • Thickness of Material: 2—3mm.
  • Feeding guide: 2 pairs slide wheels for adjusting left and right.
  • 7-roller levelling:3 top and 4 bottom.
  • Dia. Of Roller: 110mm.
  • Construction Structure: 36# ”H” beam welded steel.
  • Forming Station: 19 stations.
  • Forming Speed: 0—15m/min.
  • Material of Roller: GCr15 steel with tempering ,quenching and forging treatment.
  • Dia. Of Shafts: 90mm.
  • Materia of Shafts:45# forged steel.
  • Transimission of Machine: gear-boxes and universal joint-shafts;
  • Power of Main Machine: 30kw.
  • Cutting: Hdraulic Cutting
  • Material of cutter blade: Cr12MoV steel with quenched treatment.
  • Cutting tolerance: +/-2mm
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC Control, LCD touch screen, frequency inverter and Omron encoder
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase
  • PLC Console: 700mmx1000mmx300mm

In addition, MAXON® also opened a new facility for making profiles. Please check for more information.

Shall you have any interest in this machine, please leave a message.

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