Prefab assembled container houses or homes have been increasingly popular makes side column and top/bottom rail roll forming machines in great demand and such roll formers are sually known as container house section roll forming machine generally,

Due to the increasing demand for prefab assembling container houses, the cold roll forming machines for container house steel frames and sandwich panel production line for container house wall panels have climbed to be the top two hot-sale products of the company.container-home

Thanks to the environmentally-friendly needs for building and the development of steel building materials, prefabricated assembled or container houses have been built with steel beams and sandwich panels only. It’s cheaper and faster to build a container house or home than a traditional houses made of stone, bricks and timbers etc. A prefab assembled or container house is portable and can be transported everywhere for a variety of applications, like a portable bedroom, office, store, toilet and meeting room etc.

It’s easy and quick to build an assembled or container house with steel posts, top and bottom beams, windows and doors, and wall sandwich panels and all these components of a container or assembled house have been massively produced in workshop and transported out to be assembled onsite to minimize the damage to environment. The below pictures show the assembling of container houses steel frames made of posts and top/bottom sectional channel beams.

Two cold roll forming machines will be required for manufacturing the posts and top/bottom sectional beams of an assembled or container houses.

Brief Introduction of Assembled container houses sectional channels and beams roll forming machines:

Each cold roll forming machine has beem composed of a manual decoiler, leveler, punching tool, roll forming, cutting tool, PLC control system, hydraulic system and run-out tables. The raw materials for the assembled container houses posts and top/bottom sectional beams are galvanized steel of 2-3mm thickness. Both cold roll formers are technically capable to produce the posts and section channels automatically from punching slots, roll forming, and cutting to length.

Technical Parameters of Assembled container houses section channels and beams roll forming machines:

  • Decoiler: manual decoiler;
  • Capacity of decoiler: 5 TONS;
  • ID. of decoiler: 480-520mm;
  • OD. of decoiler: 1250mm;
  • Raw material: Q235 Galvanized steel coil or Cold rolled steel;
  • Hydraulic punching: Stop to punch;
  • Material of punching dies: Cr12MoV steel;
  • Material thickness: 2-3mm;
  • Forming stations: 18/20 stations;
  • Rolling stands structure: conjoint type;
  • Roll forming speed: 0-12m/min (not including punching and cutting);
  • Material of Roller: Gcr15 bearing steel;
  • Shaft Material: High grade 45# steel;
  • Diameter of shafts: 80mm;
  • Motor Power: 15 KW/18.5kw;
  • Cutter: hydraulic cutter and stop to cut;
  • Material of cutting dies: Cr12MoV steel;
  • Hydraulic power: 11KW;
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC, Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;

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