A cassette type roll forming machine has been designed to produce various cold formed section channels by quick changing different cassettes that share a common machine base.

There are different roll formers for making different roll formed products, like a double layer roll forming machine, and all-in-one roll forming machine etc, but a cassette roll forming machine always comes to people’s minds in some occassions.

When you are going to buy a double layer roll forming machine or an all-in-one roll forming machine, usually you need to show all your required drawings to roll forming machines manufacturers so that they can design and build a machine as per you needs; and when you need to make extra products in the future, you need to buy extra roll formers which will be a big investment (if you do need to make extra products in the future); but with a cassette type roll forming machine, you don’t need to worry about the future production plan.

Brief Introduction of Quick Change Cassette Type Roll Forming Machine:

A few cassettes with rolling tools on each cassette which are ready for assembling

A cassette type roll forming machine shall have several sets of individual cassettes which consists of different rolling tools, shafts, and forming stands. Like a conventional roll former, a cassette roll forming machine also consists of de-coiler, roll former, transmission system, hydraulic system, sometimes cooling system, cut-off tooling, and control system, but the biggest difference is the roll former.

A metal plate subsidiary base cassette

The roll former in a conventional roll forming machine has rolling tools with shafts mounted on the roll forming stands and the forming stands are welded or fixed with screws to the machine base; while the roll former in a cassette roll forming machine is composed of two main parts: Main Roll forming Base, and Rolling Tools. There is only one roll forming base, but the rolling tools are divided into a few sections (2-4 sections) and each section consists of six to eight rolling tools with shafts mounted on the roll forming stands which are welded or fixed by screws to a subsidiary machine base, the subsidiary base is normally made of metal plate, c channels, h beam, or square tubes etc, and we call these sections with rolling tools and shafts mounted on the subsidiary bases Cassettes.

People like cassette type roll forming machine because they can assemble different cassettes on the main machine base to roll form different metal products. Even in the future, a cassette roll forming machine offers the owner availabilities for manufacturing more extra products and the owner only needs to purachse different cassettes instead of another roll forming machine line.

Detailed Specifications of Cassette Roll Forming Machine:

  • Raw Material:GI/PPGI/GA/PPGA;
  • Material Widths: depends on the required profile;
  • Material Thickness:depends on the required profile
  • Shaft Diameter :70mm/80mm;
  • Forming Roller stand: separate forming stands, and numbers of stations depend on the required profiles;
  • Shaft Material:First grade 45# steel, heated and quenched
  • Roller material:45# steel coated with hard-chrome 0.05mm (or GCR15 bearing steel;)
  • Forming Speed :10-12 m/min
  • Main Power: depends on the required profiles;
  • Voltage:380V/3 Phase/50Hz
  • Electrical control system:Siemens PLC Board with Inverter, Omron Encoder and Siemens Brand HMI

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