This interchangeable highway guardrail roll forming machine are commonly required when customers need to produce w beam and thrie beam or 2 wave and 3 wave crash barriers.

w&thrie beam.jpg
W beam & Thrie Beam or 3 Wave crash barriers profiles with punching details

It is known to buyers of highway guardrail roll forming machine, that 2 wave guardrails and 3 wave guardrails are the main components as the safety parts installed on the road sides of highways or expressways, and most of time two separate highway guardrail machines are required to produce 2 wave and 3 wave or thrie beam  crash barriers.

However, it’s such a big project that investors or contractors have to rack their brains over comparison, analysis, and making decisions; besides, in a highway or expressway construction, the usage ratio of 2 wave or w beam crash barriers and 3 wave or thrie beam crash barriers is about 100:1, which means that every 100 pieces of 2 wave crash barriers are used, only 1 piece of 3 wave crash barrier will be installed, therefore, except for a tycoon or group company, there is no need to purchase two separate crash barrier roll forming machines.

In order to cure the headache of buying or not buying two machines, roll forming engineers created an interchangeable highway guardrail roll forming machine that could produce both 2 beam crash barriers, and 3 wave or thrie beam crash barriers on one machine.

Brief Introduction of Interchangeable Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine:

W beam & Thrie Beam or 3 Wave Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Compared to purchase a w beam highway guardrail roll forming machine, and a thrie beam or 3 wave crash barrier roll forming machine, it’s more cost effective to buy an interchangeable highway guardrail roll forming machine for 2 wave or w beams and thrie beam or 3 wave crash barriers, and one interchangeable machine will take smaller working areas than placing two separate machines in manufacturing facility, and less operators for one machine than two. It’s esay to switch or make change between W beam and 3 wave or Thrie Beam. The last few roll forming stations of the equipment will be adjusted or diseffective, and also the cutting dies shall be changed for producing different guard rails (w beam or 3 wave).

As a coil has two sides, and there is also a black side (the only black side) on this interchangeable crash barrier roll forming machine. As long as any breakdown occurs or in case the machine needs trouble shooting, the production has to stop, which means clients can’t make production of W beam guardrails and 3 Wave or Thrie beam guardrails neither.

Technical Parameters of Interchangeable Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine:

  • Uncoiler: Hydraulic Uncoiler
  • Inner diameter: 508mm
  • Outer diameter: 1500mm
  • Raw Material: 2.5-4mm Galvanized steel;
  • Material Width: 480&738mm (subject to final design)
  • Loading weight: 8T
  • Motor Power: 4KW
  • Hydraulic Power: 5.5KW;
  • Leveler: with a Feeding Guide Unit
  • Motor Power: 7.5KW;
  • Diameter of shafts: ¢90mm, Material is SAE1045, HRC48-52° Surface coated with chrome
  • 9-roller leveling: 4 rollers top and 5 rollers bottom
  • Dia.Of Roller: 120mm.
  • Material of Roll: 45# steel with quenching treatment and coated with hard chrome.
  • Puching: Yl32-315 type hydraulic + pneumatic punching machine with 4 pillars.
  • Material of blade: Cr12MoV steel quenched 58-62.
  • Hydraulic Power: 22KW
  • Forming Station: 16-19 stations
  • Forming Speed: 0—20m/m (not including cutting and punching)
  • Material of Roller: Gcr15 bearing steel with heat treatment to reach hardness 58-62 degrees and the surface of roller will be coated with hard chrome after mirror polishing.
  • Material of Shaft: SAE1045 With Quenching And Tempering
  • Transmission of Machine: Gear-boxes and Universal Joint Shafts.
  • Power of main machine: 45 KW
  • Cutting Type: Hydraulic and stop to cut, sharing the same hydraulic system with punching unit
  • Material Of Blade:Cr12MoV With Heat Treatment
  • Tolerance Of Length: +/- 1.5mm Each Piece End Product
  • Hydraulic Power: 22KW
  • PLC Control Box: 700mmx1000mmx300mm
  • Control System: Panasonic PLC control with Inverter, CHNT transformer and Omron encoder;
  • Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase

Shall you have any interest in this machine, please leave a message.

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