As a complementary equipment, a 3 wave crash barrier roll forming machine has been designed for the manufacturing of 3 waves or thrie beams guard rails for highway or expressway construction.

3 wave or thrie beam crash barriers application

There are always two types of road beams or crash barriers placed on the two sides of highway, or expressway: Two wave guard rails or W-shaped beams, and Three wave or thrie beam crash barriers. Most of the guard rails are 2 wave or w shaped beams (More about w beam or 2 wave highway guardrail roll forming machine) but in some occasions, but 3  wave or thrie-beam crash barriers are necessary to installed on the highway or expressway (the most common applications for 3 wave or thrie-beam guardrails are bridges on highways , or exit and entrance of tunnels on highways).

Brief introduction of 3 wave carsh barrier roll forming machine:

This 3 wave or thrie beam crash barrier roll forming machine is a cost-effective and heavy duty production line and has been designed to produce guard rails fully automatically and continuously out of galvanized steel (sometimes cold rolled steel) of 2-3.5mm thickness  in the same way as a 2 wave or w beam highway guardrail roll forming machine does, from material feeding all the way until running out from the main machine.

Not like a 2 wave or w beam highway guardrail roll foring machine We offer only gear-box and universal-joint shafts transmission system, and separate forming stands structure for a 3 wave or thrie beam crash barrier roll forming machine. (There is interchangeable highway guardrail roll forming machine for the production of both w beam and thrie beam.)

Main components for a thrie beam or 3 wave crash barrier roll forming machine are listed as a 10 Ton hydraulic decoiler with coil car, a feeding guide, a leveler, a hydraulic punching tool, a roll forming part, a hydraulic cutting tool, a transmission system, a PLC control cabinet, a hydraulic oil pump and runout tables.

Technical Parameters of 3 wave crash barrier roll forming machine:

Thrie beam crash barrier roll forming machine
  • Manual decoiler: Hydraulic De-coiler
  • Loading Weight: 10 Max.
  • Inner diameter of coil: Φ508mm.
  • Maximum diameter of coil: Φ1500mm
  • Motor Power: 7.5KW
  • Hydraulic Power: 7.5KW
  • Thickness of Material: 2—3.5mm.
  • Width of Material: 750mm.
  • Feeding guide: 2 pairs slide wheels are used to adjust left and right.
  • 7-roller levelling:3 top and 4 bottom.
  • Dia. Of Roller: 110mm.
  • Punching machine: Hydraulic punching
    Using type Yl32-315 hydraulic puching machin with 4 pillars.
  • Hydraulic power: 15kw
  • Material of punching tools: Cr12MoV steel quenched 58-62.
  • Construction Structure: 36# ”H” beam welded steel.
  • Forming Station: 19 stations.
  • Forming Speed:0—15m/min.
  • Material of Roller: GCr15 steel with tempering ,quenching and forging treatment.
  • Dia. Of Shafts: 100mm.
  • Materia of Shafts:45# forged steel.
  • Transimission of Machine: gear-boxes and universal joint-shafts;
  • Power of Main Machine: 30kw.
  • Cutting: Hdraulic Cutting
  • Material of cutter blade: Cr12MoV steel with quenched treatment.
  • Cutting tolerance: +/-2mm
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC Control, LCD touch screen, frequency inverter and Omron encoder
  • Voltage: 380V/50HZ/3phase
  • PLC Console: 700mmx1000mmx300mm