This production line has been designed to produce metal wall sandwich panels with PU or Polyurethane insulated and various decoration patterns embossed, engraved or printed on the metal face.

Decoration patterns PU insulated metal wall sandwich panels built on residential houses or offices

Bricks, marbles or woods are always used as decorative materials on exterior and interior, or external and exterior walls, however, bricks are too heavy, marbles are too expensive,and woods are not durable, and all the above mentioned materials barely play role of heating preserving, so people started searching for other options and steel was spotted in their searching areas.

The surface of steel or metal wall panels is too simple to be decoration functional, and steel does not preserve heating neither, and due to the advancement of metal fabrication technology, the improved decorative wall panels have been created: Decoration Patterns Embossed (Engraved or Printed) Metal and PU or Polyurethane Insulated Wall Panels.

Application of Decoration Patterns Embossed and PU Insulated Metal Wall Sandwich Panels

Brief Introduction of PU Insulated Decorative Metal Wall Sandwich Panel Production Line:

Embossing machine for the embossing or engraving of the decoration patterns on metal sheets.

The decorative metal wall panel production line makes exterior or external wall panels (the panels can be used as interior or internal wall sandwich panels as well) with different decoration patterns ( like brick, marble and wooden patterns etc.) embossed or printed on the metal face and PU or polyurethane insulated as thermal materials, out of prepainted or pre-printed steel coils with thickness 0.3-0.8mm and width 600mm automatically and continuously with running speed adjustable under the control of PLC system.

A decorative metal faced exterior or interior PU insulated wall sandwich panel production line generally consists of two decoilers, an embossing machine for brick patterns, a roll forming machine (double layer roll forming machine and width adjustable roll forming machine are optional as per required profiles), a PU or polyurethane foaming machine, a cloth-belt composing or pressing machine with 24m length, a tracking fly-saw cutter, control system, transmission system and run-out tables.

Technical Parameters of PU Insulated Decoration Metal Wall Sandwich Panel Production Line:

The PU insulated decoration metal wall sandwich panel production line
Epoxy polyethylene belt Pressing Machine under production
  • Decoiler: Manual decoiler;
  • Inner diameter: 480-520mm;
  • Outer diameter: 1500mm;
  • Material Thickness: 0.3-0.6mm Aluminum coils for interior wall panels; 0.25-0.5mm Pre-painted steel coils for exterior wall panels;
  • Material Width: 285-600mm;
  • Loading weight: 3T;
  • Thickness of sandwich panels: 10-50mm;
  • Material of Embossing Rollers: 42CrMO alloy steel;
  • Embossed Roller Size:350mmx680mm;
  • Forming speed: 0-10m/min (not including cutting and PU injection);
  • Forming steps: 22 stations for exterior wall panel; 14 stations for interior wall panels;
  • Material of Shafts: 40Cr steel with quenching treatment;
  • Diameter of Shafts: 70mm
  • Material of Roller: Gcr15 steel with heat and quenching treatment ,surface of rollers chrome coating and polishing treated;
  • Motor Power: 5.5KW
  • Dimension of Epoxy polyethylene belt Pressing Machine: 24m*0.8m*1.8m(L*W*H)
  • Body of Pressing Machine: 30# C Beam steel welded structure with Epoxy polyethylene belt
  • Main motor: 11KW and 18KW for heating system (30-60℃ );
  • Thickness of sandwich panels: adjustable between 10-50mm through a 5TON elevator
  • Fly-saw Cutter Power: 2.2KW
  • Tolerance of cutting length:+/-2mm
  • Control System: Panasonic PLC, Frequency Converter
  • The dimension of the whole line: APPRO. 68000mm*2200mm*1800mm
  • Voltage: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase

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