Insulated sandwich panel production lines produce roofing and wall sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated, like EPS, Rockwool and PU etc for cold areas or regions, or for special purpose.

An ISP (insulated sandwich panel) consists of 3 layers (top metal layer, middle thermal material layer (like EPS/XPS board, Rockwool strips, and Polyurethane or PU foam), and bottom metal layer or aluminum foil layer) like a sandwich, so in many occasions it is named as a sandwich panel as well. Through an insulated sandwich panel production line, customers is able to make insulated panels or sandwich panels which have been widely applied as roofing, wall panels, decoration exterior or interior wall panels, garage door panels and rolling shutter slats etc.

EPS and Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line

A sandwich panel production line is always required for the production of metal skinned, Eps/xps board or Rockwool and Glass mineral wool insulated roofing and wall panels of prefab buildings, like assembled container houses.

Decorative Metal Exterior Wall Sandwich Panel Production Line

This production line has been designed to produce metal wall sandwich panels with PU or Polyurethane insulated and various decoration patterns embossed, engraved or printed on the metal face.


PU rolling shutter slat production line had been originally innovated to produce roller shutter slats ( insulated with PU or polyurethane) used as roller shutter doors or windows blinds for European markets.

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