As a common auxiliary equipment to roll forming line or cut to length line, an auto stacking machine or auto stacker is placed at the end of production lines to stack the final cut sheets automatically.

Conjoint type run-out tables with no power

For all standard roll forming machines MAXON® designs, there are always run-out tables equipped at the end for supporting the final products.

Those run-out tables, with no power, have been built with welded racks and channel steel and mounted with steel tubes. When the roll formed products are cut off and transported to the run-out tables, labors need to take them off and stack manually.

Individual type run-out tables with no power

No-power runout tables can work perfect for a standard roll forming machine; however, for a high-speed roll forming line or cut to length machine line, it’s too dangerous taking the finished products off the run-out table and stacking manually; sometimes clients are strict for supermatic roll forming lines or have needs to save labor costs, and in this case an auto stacking machine or auto stacker always comes to mind. With an auto stacker at the end of roll forming lines or cut to length line, clients need no extra labors at the end of production lines to take off and stack the the finished roll formed products or cut metal sheets, which means only one operator is enough to run a roll forming line, while two or three employee at least are needed for a roll forming machine with traditional no-power runout tables.

Brief Introduction of Auto Stacking Machine, Auto Stacker

Pneumatic auto stacking machine, auto stacker

An auto stacker or stacking machine has been built with two main parts: Supporting part and Transportation part. The Supporting part are composed of many arms which is working under pneumatic power to close up and open down so that the roll formed products or the cut metal sheets  can drop down to the Transportation part which is made of steel frames with many tubes mounted and the part is working with motor power so that the stacked sheets can be moved out and transported to warehouse with a forklift.

Limit or proximity switches are used to control an auto stacker or auto stacking machine. Simply speaking, when the roll formed products or cut metal sheets are pushed to the stacking machine and touch the upper switch, the arms will open down and the sheets will drop down accordingly; when the arms open down to the lower switch, they will close up. There are usually two lengths for auto stackers, 6 meters and 12 meters for stacking roll formed products or cut metal sheet with different lengths.

Technical Parameters of Auto Stacker, Auto Stacking Machine:

Outline dimensions 5800mmx1500mmx1500mm/ 12000mmx1800mmx1500mm
Pneumatic system air pump (air supply power), equipped by user.
Shift-out electric motor power 1.5/3KW
Feeding system delivering material by transmission shaft. motor power: 2.2KW
Storage table Move between the left and right by gear motor motor power: 2.2KW
Length of feedinig: 6000mm/12000mm
Air source ≥ 1M3
Stacker type: 6m/12m
Thickness max.300mm
Weight of Bundle 2.5Tons

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