Metal sheets or strips suppliers always need slitting and cut to length machine line for the production of metal sheets with different widths or lengths from GI, PPGI, or Stainless coils in large quantities.

Pinching rolls and leveler for slitting and cut to length machine.

GI, PPGI or Stainless coils are always brought to make wide metal sheets, like roll formed roofing or wall panels, while there are many occasions narrow steel strips are necessary, for example, the production of stud and tracks, roof battens or angle steel bars is always made from narrow steel strips.

A steel mill most of time produces only wide steel coils, and steel or metal fabricators always use a slitting and cut to length machine line to manufacture steel strips with different widths or metal sheets with fixed lengths.

Steel Slitting Machine Line:

Metal slitting and cut to length line

A metal slitting machine line has been designed to cut longitudinally the wide steel coils (usually less than 1250mm width and thickness less than 3mm) into different narrow steel strips for producing continuously cold formed sectional steel products, like light gauge steel frames, c/z steel purlins and highway guard rails etc.

There are high-speed and normal-speed slitting machine line. High-speed slitter can works at max speed over 100m/minute and over 10 strips can be produced, and price also indicates it’s a high-speed line; while a normal-speed slitting machine can work at most 40m/min with less than 7 strips slit.

A slitting machine line usually consists of an electrical decoiler (a hydraulic decoiler is usually equipped if the weight of coils is over 8 TONS), a tensioner, a wasting wires rewinder, a slitting tools with knives mounted,  a pinching device, a separator, a recoiler with coil car and an electric control cabinet.

Metal Cut to Length Machine Line:

Contrary to a slitting machine line, a cut to length line cuts metal sheets or coils transversally ( mostly less than 1250mm width and less than 3mm thickness) into required quantites of metal sheets with requested fixed lengths. There is no re-coiler needed but an auto stacker or stacking machine is always placed in the end of the line.

Metal sheet cut to length line

The metal sheet cut to length line produced by MAXON® doesn’t work continuously as a slitting line does because the whole line has to stop when it cuts every single pieces of sheet as per required length, and the whole production or all the operations are done totally automatically under a PLC control system with encoder to measure the length and calculate the quantities.

Sometimes slitting machine line and cut to length line work individually and in some cases a slitting machine line has a cut to length machine to cut the sheets after the required quantities of steel strips are slit. The whole line is controlled by a PLC control system if a cut to length machine is built, otherwise the Electrical control with inverter controls the slitting line.

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MAXON® can also build economical metal sheet cutting machines which can cut the material metal sheets (not coils) either longitudinally or transversally according to required widths and lengths, however a limitation lies at the length and thickness of material metal sheets: the thickness has to be less than 1mm and length has to be less than 6 meters.  More info>>>

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