A hydraulic decoiler is an equipment for unrolling the steel coils and always works for roll forming machine, sandwich panel production line, slitting and cut to length line, and embossing machine line etc.

A manual decoiler with no power driven

A decoiler is the most common equipment in metal fabrication industries, and there are different names for it, like decoiler, uncoiler, unrolling device and so on; Sometimes a decoiler works as a recoiler, for example, in a metal embossing machine line, or a slitting machine line and so on.

There are different decoilers or uncoilers according to driven solutions, for example, manual decoiler with no power, electrical decoiler with a electric motor and hydraulic uncoiler with a electric motor and hydraulic oil pump. We normally provide manual decoiler as a standard decoiler, however, we may suggest a hydraulic decoilers for some special application.

A Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Decoiler and Recoiler:

5TON Hydraulic decoiler with no coil car

A hydraulic uncoiler is always supplied to work with heavy-duty or high-speed roll forming machines, high-speed slitting and cut-to-length line, and heavy-duty metal sheet embossing machine lines (sometimes customers may require a hydraulic uncoiler for regular roll forming machines as well).

Based on different capacities, we provide 5TON hydraulic uncoiler, 8TON hydraulic decoiler 10TON hydraulic decoiler, 12TON hydraulic decoiler and 15TON hydraulic decoiler. Usually there is a coil car equiped for hydraulic decoiler over 5TON capacity. The extra cars can move horizontally and also lift up and down to transport and get the coils inserted in the center by the arm of the hydraulic decoiler.

There is a damping device equipped on hydraulic decoilers to prevent the coils springout. In addition, people use a sensor to synchronize the rotation of decoiler and the running of roll forming machines or production lines. A hydraulic uncoiler has a control cabinet to control the rotation direction, speed, the expansion and release of the decoiler arm. When there is a coil car, we can control it on the electrical cabinet as well.

Technical Parameters of Hydraulic Decoiler/Recoiler:

8TON hydraulic decoiler with coil car

Hydraulic Uncoiler Without Coil Car

  • Hydraulic uncoiler: active uncoiling or rotation,hydraulic expansion and releasing;
  • Capacity of decoiler: 5 TONs maximum;
  • Width of steel coil: (Max) 1250mm;
  • ID: φ470-φ620mm;
  • OD: φ1500mm Max;
  • Material of main shaft: 40Cr steel;
  • Motor power of decoiler: 5.5 KW;
  • Hydraulic motor power: 4 KW;
  • Uncoiling speed: 0-12m/min;
  • Capacity of hydraulic station: 40L;
  • Hydraulic system pressure 6.3MPa;

Hydraulic Uncoiler With Coil Car

  • Motor power of uncoil 5.5 KW;
  • Power of hydraulic expansion: 7.5KW;
  • Inner diameter of coil: 508mm-620mm;
  • Outer diameter of coil φ1250mm;
  • Capacity of decoiler:15Tons maximum;
  • Width of sheet: 1500mm maixmum;
  • Speed of uncoiling: 0-12m/min Max;
  • Hydraulic pressure: 6.3Mpa;
  • Coil car stroke: 2.5m;

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