A hydraulic curving machine is necessary to produce crimping curved panels or no-crimp curved corrugated sheets mainly applied as roofing of warehouses, military camps, storages, parking sheds and so on.

Curved Corrugation Panel with no crimping

Being aesthetically pleasing along with better structural elements, curving roof panels  are always the favourite of contractors, engineers or owners who seek beauty in their buildings. Crimping curved roof panels have higher strength compared to straight roof sheets and minimize the structural steel costs by offering higher purlin spacing and options as walls. There are some curving panels with no crimping, especially corrugation curving sheets which provide better out looking. Hydraulic curving machines have been designed for automatic and continuous production of crimping curved roof panels or curved corrugation roof sheets under the control of PLC system.

Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Crimping Curved Machine:

Crimping curved roofing on self-storage warehouses

Hydraulic curving machine produces curved roof panels by pressing the roll formed roof sheets continuously as per requested angles or radius on the sheet with fixed length and after the pressing, crimped roof sheets or crimp curved roofing is made. There is a PLC control system for the hydraulic curving machine and through the HMI on PLC electric cabinet, customers can set the crimp quantities and crimp distance to reach the curved angles or radius. The thickness of roo panels has to be less than 1.0mm; the pressing dies will be designed exactly the same as the roof sheets.

Manual operation to test the hydraulic crimping curved machine

The hydraulic curving machine designed by MAXON can make crimp curved roofing with any lengths through two methods: Horizontal Pressing  and Vertical Pressing. The normal and standard pressing method is horizontal pressing for producing crimping curved roofing with curving radius not over 3 meters, and vertical pressing will be switched for the other case.

A hydraulic crimping curved machine is generally consisting a tube-structure supporting table, roll forming unit (2 roll forming stations and the rolling tools designed as per the drawing of roof panels), pressing tool, hydraulic system, oil pump, and a PLC control cabinet.

Technical parameters of Hydraulic Crimping Curved Machine:

Hydraulic crimping curved machine ready for shipping
  • Minimum Curving Radius: R=450mm.
  • Raw material thickness: 0.3—0.8mm
  • Speed of Arc Line:0-10m/min (adjustable)
  • Dimensions of the machine: 2200mm*950mm*1500mm
  • Total weight: about 2200KGS
  • Roofing Width: as per request
  • Control system: Panasonic PLC computer control ( frequency converter)
  • Hydraulic Power: 3 KW
  • Roller Material: 45#forged steel, with surface polished and coated with 0.05mm thickness hard chrome.
  • Shaft Material: high grade 45#steel with diameter 70mm
    Pressing Die:Cr12mould steel with quenched treatment

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