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What benefits would Klip-lok roof sheet roll forming machine bring to roofing contractors?

Roll former manufacturers may often receive inquires for klip lok roll forming machines, and it’s true that many sales people have no idea what a klip lok profile looks like.

Whenever it comes to the needs for eleminating the fixing holes on sheets, nothing comes bigger or better than klip-lok roofing or panels that can also allow free expansion and contraction under temperature variations.

The Development of Concealed Fixing Klip Lok Sheets

A concealed fixing klip lok sheet has been produced by klip lok roll forming machines and this kind of concealed fixed sheet is introduced by Lysaght, and it is a strong, durable and versatile long length roof or wall cladding with an interlocking profile and clip fixing system which offers the availability to use the Klip lok sheets in a variety of applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling. There are now incerasingly demand for Concealed fix klip lok sheets for commercial and individual buildings because of its evident advantages. 

There are two types of klip lok profiles, KLIP-LOK 406 and KLIP-LOK 700. Klip lok 406 sheet profile has three trapezoidal ribs at 203 mm centres giving a net cover of 406 mm; while a Klip lok 700 profile shall have 4 trapezoidel ribs at 233 mm centres giving a net cover of 700 mm. The rib height shall be 41-45 mm and provide capillary breaks and the male rib shall have spurs to ensure a positive double interlocking action at side-laps. There are two shallow ribs on each pan for stiffening.

Features of Concealed-fixed Steel Cladding (Klip lok 406 and Klip lok 700):

  • The design provides the sheets with an excellent water-carrying capacity, as well as structural strength, ease of erection, dust and watertightness, and the versatility to be cranked.
  • Sheets are suitable for use in most climatic conditions.
  • The klip-lok sheet not only eliminates leaking through and rusting around the fastener but also gives safety, stability and easy installation.
  • Optional on-site long length movbile rollforming avilable.
  • Bold rib makes strong visual statement.
  • Transverse fluting adds to spanning performance.
  • Unlike conventional roofing, Klip-Lok is manufactured from a superior grade, high yield steel to 550MMPA for improved sidelap and spanning characteristics.
  • Sheets can be used for roofs with a minimum pitch of 1:60 depending on the material; and vertically for cladding.
  • The sheets are fixed with each other by Linked together by means of concealed clips fastened to the top of the purlins, and the clips allow expansion and contraction of the sheets without straining the securing points.

Klip-lok sheet may cost a bit more than conventional screw-fix roof decking, however, wider sheets mean fewer sheets, fewer laps and faster installation, and the 42mm profile adds incredible strength which minimize the usage of steel purlins.

General Introduction of Klip-lok Roll Forming Machine:

A klip lok roll forming machine has been designed for the automatic production of klip-lok 406 or klip-lok 700 sheet profiles in continuous lengths under the control of PLC computer system. Unlike a traditional metal roof sheet roll forming machine, a klip lok roll forming machine has more roll forming stations (26 stations maxium), bigger motor (11KW). Suitable material for the klip lok roll forming machine can be G550 galvanised steel, prepainted steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or occassionly copper as well. The thickness of of raw material varies from 0.3-0.6mm and width varies from 762-914mm.

Main components of Klip Lok Roll Forming Machine:

  • Manual decoiler
  • Feeding guide
  • Roll Former
  • Hydraulic post-cutting
  • Electrical Control cabinet
  • Hydraulic oil pump
  • Runout tables

It’s optional for clients to use hydraulic decoiler and auto stacking machine so that the production of the whole klip lok roll forming machine line can be fully automation.

There are also other concealed fixed roll forming machines in the market and the most common concealed fixing roll forming machines can be found in China are 470 type concealed fixing roof sheet roll forming machine, 820 type concealed fixed roof panel roll forming machine, and LR18/KR 18 or LR24/KR24 standing seam roofing sheet roll forming machine in North American market, particularly in Mexican market.

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