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What is ISP Machine?

ISP Machine or ISP (Insulated sandwich panel) production lines produce roofing and wall sandwich panels with thermal materials insulated, like EPS, Rockwool and Polyurethane(PU) etc for cold areas or regions, or for special purposes.

An ISP (insulated sandwich panel) consists of 3 layers (top metal layer, middle thermal material layer (like EPS/XPS board, Rockwool strips, and Polyurethane or PU foam), and bottom metal layer or aluminum foil layer) like a sandwich, so in many occasions it is named as a sandwich panel as well. Through an ISP machine line, or insulated sandwich panel production line, customers is able to make insulated panels or sandwich panels which have been widely applied as roofing, wall panels, decoration exterior or interior wall panels, garage door panels and rolling shutter slats etc.

Insulated sandwich panels have better functions of thermal insulation or heat preservation then single metal roofing or wall cladding sheets, and therefore the isp machine line for insulated sandwich panels are much more complicated and more expensive than roll forming machines.

Take PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panel production line for example. This line consists of 4 or 5 roll forming machines, and furthermore, more than 10 sets of embossing machines are working inline, not saying PU foaming machine and the main laminating eqiupment.

isp machine
“This PU insulated metal carved decorative wall panel production line manufactures really good staff my country needed, now I get a bundle of orders. Amazing machine! ”

We care your needs for heat insulation and wall decoration.

There are many Insulated sandwich panel production lines in the markets, and so many manufacturers in China are making insulated production lines making EPS/XPS and Rockwool roofing and wall sandwich panel because this kind production line is rather simple to build.

However, we manufacture 80% of PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panel production lines in whole China and in any cities where there are PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panels manufacturers, there will be our isp machine lines. PU insulated metal carved decorative panels have multiple functions, for example heat insulation, wall decoration, soundproof and energy savings. Hundreds of decorative patterns are available and thicker panels optional for better heat insulation result.

In addition, we also specialize in building PU rolling shutter slat production lines. There are two different transmission type available for PU shutter slat line: Gear-box transmission and chain-sprockets transmission so that we can ensure all our insulation sandwich panel production line are afforadable and reliable.

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MTC has designed and built insulated sandwich panel producton lines for EPS/Rockwool Roofing and wall sheet, pu insulated metal carved decorative wall panels and pu rolling shutter slats.
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