highway guardrail roll forming machine
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Installation & Commissioning of Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine in Indonesia

MAXON sent 3 technicians to Indonesia for the installation and commissioning of gear-box highway guardrail roll forming machine that produces w beam guard rails from 2-3.2mm thickness galvanized steel, and after one-week job, the machine now works perfect and makes products exactly as per client needs.

This roll forming machine was designed for the production of 2 wave or w shaped crash barriers on highway, and transmitted by gear boxes and universal joint shafts so that the machine would be running qutie stable.

Before roll forming, the raw material will get through the leveler which consists of 9 levelling rollers, and then will be punched for different joint holes and slots and the punching machine, working with hydraulic oil pump and air compressor, would make 9 holes in one time. The rolles are made from Gcr15 bearing steel and machined with forging treatment, heat treatment and black oxide or blackening treatment, and the w beam guard rails formed by the rolling tools will remain exactly the same as the drawing stated.
w beam guardrail roll forming machine

The whole roll forming line consists of a manual decoiler, feeding guide, leveler,hydraulic punching device,roll forming tools, transmission system, rear cutter, hydraulic oil pump, PLC control system and run-out tables. Below is the video of running test for this highway guardrail roll forming machine before shipping to Indonesa.

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