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Short Discussion on the Stamping Technology of Aluminum Alloy Plate

Unlike traditional metal sheet fabrication methods, like cold roll forming, there are particularity, complexity and diversity on the stamping technology of aluminum alloy plate.

Technical Difficulties and Common Defects on Stamped Aluminum alloy pieces

Poor formability

Unlike steel sheet, Aluminum is much softer and fragile, so it’s very difficult to get aluminum sheet into desired form or shapes, either by stamping or by roll forming.

Bad Wrinkling Tendency

Compared to steel sheets, the boundary is very small between the wrinkling and cracking of aluminum alloy sheet. It brings serious wrinkinly tendency to aluminum alloy stamped pieces during stamping or roll forming.

Over Rebounding, Part Accuracy Difficult to Control

The elastic modulus of the aluminum alloy is only one-third of that of the steel plate, and the parts are likely rebounded worse.

The Sheet’s Sticky Oxide Layer Decreases The Lifespan of Mold.

The oxide layer of the aluminum alloy plate has a large friction against the surface of the mold during the stretching process of the sheet, and is easily peeled off and adhered to the surface of the mold to cause mold damage.

Besides, there are clear burrs after trimming, and debris are piled up too many, which will cause damage on the surface of parts and increase maintenance cost on the mold.

Design Guidelines for Aluminum Alloy Sheet Stamped Products

  • The shape of the aluminum alloy parts should not be too complicated, the depth should not be too deep, and the forming of shape and depth shall be as smooth as possible.
  • Enhance the yield strength of exterior panel by increasing the support points of the inner and outer panels

Design Guide for Aluminum Alloy Sheet Stamping Processes

Methods of Stamping/Shaping

  • Traditional stamping
  • Hydro Roll forming
  • Warm forming

Traditional Stamping Process Design

Stamping process design is the link between product structure design and mold design and manufacture. Refined manufacturing depends on outstanding industrial design.

Strictly following the below principles will maximize the optimization of industrial design. optimize strive to optimize the process design:
– Minimize the process to ensure the quality of stamping parts;
– Simplicity of molds and minimization of production costs;
– Minimize material costs (such as considering the reasonable layout of the sheet and minimizing the drawing process);
– Meet the stamping production equipment;
– Make full use of stamping simulation technology to scientifically optimize part structure

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