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Losacero 25 Floor Deck Roll Former Shipping to Uruguay

This afternoon MTC loaded a Losacero 25 decking panel roll forming machine and a 12m auto stacking machine to 2 pieces of 40ft Containers. The two containers  will leave for Uruguay on May 6th,2018.


steel decking floor roll forming machineMTC is experienced in the designing and building of steel decking roll forming machine for making decking panels. This decking panel roll forming machine makes Losacera 25 metal floor deck for American markets, like Mexico and Uruguay. This type of decking panels has the standard embossed pattern with only minor variations.

As a leading roll forming machine manufacturer in China, MTC gives 2 years warranty for and installation & commissioning service for its designed decking panel roll forming machine.

Making of 0.8-1.5mm thick Galvanized steel,  Losacero 25 decking panels have 914mm effective width and 63mm wave height. There are also continuous line embossment patterns on the decking panels to ensure the high strength of the panels. Please visit our page STEEL DECKING ROLL FORMING MACHINE to know more about the decking machines MTC builds.


Losacero 25 floor deckign panel roll forming machineTogether with this decking panel roll forming machine, there is a 12m auto stacking machine.  Generally, an auto stacking machine, or known as auto stacker maximizes the automatization and minimizes the manpower for the whole production line. Instead of removing every each piece of the panel out of supporting table manually, this auto stacker frees hands.

The purpose of the auto stacking machine is to stack the machine in bundles automatically after cutting off the decking panels. Afterwards, a forklift take each bundle to the warehouse, ready for use or sale. More information about our Auto stacking machine at our product page AUTO STACKING.

Name plate on Floor decking panel roll forming machineIn total, the length of the whole line exceeds 30m, therefore it is necessary to disassemble the line for shipping. The decking panel roll forming machine has two parts, while the auto stacker divides into several pieces. The major components are as below:

  • 10T Manual Decoiler
  • Floor decking panel roll former
  • PLC control box
  • Hydraulic Oil Pump
  • 12m Auto stacker

Please watch the video ( if you want to check the running test of the line. As soon as the equipment leaves China, MTC will prepare Visa and flight issues for installation service. Just email us for any information you are interested in.

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