oval pipe roll forming machine
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Are you ready to get your own cold roll forming machine?

There are not only roofing contractors, but metal items distributors these days are also giving a positive answer to the question about the purchase of cold roll forming machine.

Cold roll forming machine for metal c stud

Manufacturing independence, waste management, transportation arrangement and other factors draw a compelling case for them planning to purchase roll forming machine and produce their own steel products, however it’s never simple-extra production costs, employee training, warehouse renting or building and various transportation methods must be considered before pressing that button to release that significant order.

Mike LEE of CHANGJIA STEEL decided it was worth it. CHANGJIA STEEL has been specialized in distribution of steel building materials and in his factory, there are various metal roll forming machines working at this moment, like glazed tile roll forming machine, metal floor deck roll forming machine, corrugated sheet roll forming machine and c/z purlin roll forming machine etc. and has had so many years’ experience with the benefits from rolling their own products. “There are so many benefits for companies to purchase their own roll former,” Mike tells. “Just not having to depend on anyone else is a big advantage. It saves time as well as money.”

Double Layer roll forming machine for two different roof panels.

Michael Chen, the project manager with YECHAO CAIGANG, agrees, and concludes it’s about controlling what business you want to engage. “You can decide your own step and have the flexibility of what plans you are available to make —and have that confidence to manufacture perfect products for the project you take on.” he says.

For more than 10 years, MTC (MAXON TECHNOLOGIES COMBINATIONS) has designed and built cold roll forming machine for a variety of applications. “We design our custom equipment from raw steel and we offer about 20 standard machineries,” said Johnson Pan, the general manager of MTC and he lists that cold roll forming has many obvious advantages over brake forming and preformed panels, including:

  • Less shipping cost and crating of long panels. Coils are delivered right to the shop or jobsite.
  • Minimize the lead time for products.
  • Less labor and waste.
  • Maximize your control on quality, and production plan.
  • Flexibility on forming panels with any length;

Cold roll forming machine can do most of the fabrication needs on the cold formed steel products fully automatically on-line. Not only roll forming, but also punching for holes or slots, cutting to length, and pressing embossed patterns etc. Therefore, lots of roofing contracts and steel building materials distributions finally have made the decision to purchase their own cold roll forming machine. 

MAXON is speciailzed in the designing and developing of custom cold roll forming machine for numerous applications, and if you happen to need a roll former for your industry, MAXON stands ready to provide necessary assistance and information for you to make the best decisions.

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